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Take on the roles of the uncanny Garden and the Intruder who has breached its borders. Lure, encroach and name your price. What fundamental parts of yourself are either of you willing to give up to change and understand the other?

Mood Touchstones: Annihilation, Over the Garden Wall, Nausicaä

Enticement is a dice-less, GM-less, storytelling game to be played by 2 people in 2
hours. Inspired by Annihilation and written for #HotHorrorJam, it trys to enable
you to tell stories about the intimate excitement and horror of consensually changing and understanding each other.

The game is designed to offer the space and tools to help you create a safe and consensual foundation for playing the game, as well as letting this story play out as consensual and safe as you want. 


  • Pay what you want: TLDR Copy - includes everything you'd need to print: character sheets and a summary of the rules. This version is for the people who just want to find out if the game is for them. Consider following me though.
  • 4$: Full Copy - includes everything: playsheets, rule summary, full descriptions, explanations and advice. Buy this to play the game as intended, as well as to support me. If you can't budget for this copy feel free to DM me on twitter to get access to it.

CW for possible power dynamics
my twitter: @SylphOfWhispers
the yellowed paper in the logo is from @aopsan

Horror, multiplayer, narrative, psychological Horror, erotic

Update: Added tldr version, summary page


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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